GZH-1880 Smart stone sample display stand

Name Smart stone sample display stand
Model GZH-1880
Color Black (color can be customized)
Size 500*500*1920mm(Customized service available)
Material Metallic iron
Proofing time 3-7 days (depending on product complexity)
Production time 15-30 days (depending on product complexity)
Price Depending on the size and quantity, please inquire
Conditions of delivery Ex-works, FOB
Payment terms T/T: 30% deposit + 70% balance before shipment
Wrap 1. Foam wrapping
2. Foam anti-drop
3. Corner protection around the plug
4. Carton packaging
5. External nail wooden strip shipment (optional)
Applicable scenarios of the product Furniture and building materials companies, tile stores, wooden floor stores, stone stores